goodbye/hello...a serious post.

this may be my first "serious" post...where i talk about my life and not about my favorite artist, etsy shop or song. so, sigh, here goes: last year around this time my life was turned upside down by the sudden dissolution of my long-term relationship and all of the related messy aftermath. and, to be brutally honest, it was a really tough year that i am still healing from, but i must acknowledge that it has also been one of tremendous growth - professionally (i got a promotion and an award at work), personally (i ran 10 miles...in a row and i got new glasses!), and even emotionally.

through these ups and downs a small seed of an idea started to grow inside my head. i came to realize that RIGHT NOW in my life i can do anything i want to do...and i what do i want to do? i want to decorate my very own bungalow! i want to plant a raspberry patch! i want to take my niece and nephew on an adventure! to name a few things.

and i realized that i didn't want to do any of these things in philly. so, in order to open myself up to a whole slew of new challenges - i have decided to leave my life here in philadelphia at the end of august and move (back) to minnesota.

of course it's with a little terror and a lot of excitement that i plan this major life change. i have been living in philly for over 11 years and it has become more than a home filled with amazing people and places that i love - it's an utterly unique city and i'm forever blessed to have experienced a decade of my life here.

but, it's time for my exit...so....
goodbye rocky, hello paul bunyan!
goodbye cheese steaks and "wooder"-ice, hello walleye and state fair food on a stick!
goodbye roots, hello prince!
goodbye 100% humidity, hello snowstorms!
goodbye mummers, hello? actually the mummers have no comparison!

...and MOST importantly...goodbye to my supportive and amazing philadelphia and east coast friends, hello to my supportive and amazing minnesota friends and family. i cannot begin to thank every freaking one you for all you have done for me! i am excited to share the next phase of my life with you...even if we are in different time-zones!

i want to savor the time i have left in philly and will try to get that on the blog as often as i can...as well as adding some new MN flavor as the big MOVE date gets closer.

thanks for letting me get serious and have a wonderful weekend!

(these marc johns prints are my new mantra - image source)


  1. i love your serious post. i do not love that you are leaving philly. you will be missed terribly. thank you for helping to make the last decade so awesome for me. i can't wait to visit you in mn. i have tons of love for you, girl. xoxo

  2. Awww! This post made me laugh and cry. Change takes so much courage, but you are braving the rocks! Selfishly I can't wait to girl out with you.
    Love you. xoxo.

  3. Wow, Kube, this sounds so exciting. But I do understand the excitement does not come without it's pain. I have to admit I get a little bit jealous when I hear about my friends moving back to the midwest. Sipe just did from OZ and now you. I am still happy here in NZ but of course always feel a slight pull home and wonder what my life would be like if I made the move back. So good on you for your courage! Will be thinking of you. Amy xx

  4. No one is as excited about your move as I am!

  5. There is no doubt in my mind that MN will be an even better place with you back in it.

    And I do have to say I'm a bit jealous...