books i read last month...

(not a great bunch...i must remember to bring my "books to read" list with me to the library instead of wandering around the stacks and picking things at random!) 

1. down to the dirt by joel hynes
this book is about newfoundland teenagers who are drinking their life away. this is yet another book that switches narrator every chapter...did i mention that this type of writing is beginning to annoy me? well it is! at first i felt a little sorry for the love lorn couple at the center of the story and then i wanted to shake them and yell "get your life together already"!!

2. the electric michelangelo by sarah hall
i think this should have been a short story...with a bit from the beginning and a bit from the middle and a little more from the end. basically there is a guy in england, named cyril parks, without a dad who becomes apprenticed to a tattoo artist, eliot, in the 1910s. eliot is the worst kind of father figure and cy goes on and on and on lamenting about his abuse...and on and on and on about the philosophy of tattooing. to be fair, there were very moving sections describing his life in an english seaside resort and his life in coney island in the early 1940s...but these parts did not make up for all the endless narrative passages. i longed for cy to actually have a conversation with someone...anyone.

3. the rebellion of jane clarke by sally gunning
i didn't mean to pick up this book right before the 4th of july, but the subject matter was quite timely. and after forcing myself to finish the book by sarah hall, this was the nice light read my brain was ready for. it loosely tells the story of a woman, jane clarke, and her involvement in the now infamous "boston massacre" of 1770. i cared less about which man she was mooning over or her mistrust of her father and more about the swirling pre-revolutionary politics and historical figures represented in the story. this book would be perfect for the beach.

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