friday fab/five: all MN edition!

since my BIG move is about a month away, i thought it was time to highlight some things i'm looking forward to when i get to minnesota (beyond my friends and family!):

1. light rail: they put these tracks/lines in after i left and are building more as you read this. i'm looking forward to getting cozy with MN public transit since i only have a bike now and really really don't want a car.

2. co-ops: i'm talking about cozy & progressive local neighborhood natural food stores...i never understood why philly only has a handful of these since they have such a strong presence in the twin cities.

3. lake swimming: dear lord i miss lake swimming!

4. dive bars: my mom reads the blog...soooooo i'll just say that i could use more old country tunes while drinking a cold one.

5. minnesota state fair: it is what it is - and that is FANTASTICALLY strange and amazing at the same time. for example, princess kay of the milky way and her court have their likenesses carved out of a 90 pound block of grade A butter...which means that they eventually have to eat their own face!

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  1. AWWW, the CC Club. How can we forget the debauchery that happens there? Haven't been there since college. I'm certain nothing has changed.