friday fab/five: show your bike some love!

i thought a cycle-themed fab/five was in order since my bike has been under-the-weather lately. it needs it's internal hub AKA gears rebuilt. i'm waiting on a quote from my mechanic...which could be good news or bad news!

1. fender cozy AKA crochet skirt guard: you know you want one! they are custom made by dorien in the netherlands.

2. cycle-themed tumblers: not that i advocate drinking and biking, but if you are going to throw back a few, why not use these cute screen printed bike glasses by brett and crystal?

3. bike jewelry: i already have a bike necklace similar to this...but maybe i should get a back-up from rachel pfeffer designs.

4. light up your bike: OMG, i want these LED wheel lights so bad...especially since i saw them in action recently. they are for safety, but i'm afraid that drivers would be blinded by my awesome magnificence!

5. bern helmets: here is the hard truth, i don't want to look like a TOTAL dork while riding my bike, but i don't want brain trauma either. thus i'm drawn to less "sporty" looking bike helmets. i settled on bern helmets and have been a totally satisfied so far....
plus the little visor is quite good at keeping the sun/rain out of my eyes. look at the happy girl in her white and purple helmet!
6. bicycle wine holder: this incredible product has been making the tumblr/pinterest rounds and it seems like the perfect mash-up of form and function! get your own from oopsmart for under $30.

(image source 4 // 5)

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  1. Pimp that ride, sara! Pimp it.