friday fab/five: water bottles/eagles/library/cuffs, etc.!

1. water bottles: seriously, i have lost too many to count...in all kinds of crazy places, but i am such a water-aholic that i feel like something is missing when i don't have my water bottle with me! especially on these super hot days. this addiction is a double-edged sword...i basically have all the public bathrooms in philly mapped out! i'm partial to the metal bottle from sigg.

2. E-A-G-L-E-S: wow, realized this week that football preseason is right around the corner! and while i am moving back to MN...i vow to remain a diehard eagles fan. once and eagles fan, always an eagles fan.

3. events @ the free library on pinterest: my favorite folks from the free library have created a pinterest account...you should follow them and get your literary fix.

4. cuffs AKA big bracelets: these are all over etsy/pinterest/tumblr...a few drool worthy options are available here and here and here.

5. the olympics: it's hard to ignore the triumph and the tragedy happening in london right now. even the royal family is getting caught up in the spectacle!

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  1. Very cool library photo! I have seen pictures where people carve mountains out of really thick books. so amazing!