friday fab/five: wishlist!

(my birthday is coming up, so this is a little fantasy "birthday wish list" fab/five.)

1. a new watch: i still rub my wrist expecting my lost watch to be there. ghost watch. this whimsically/modern watch by biegert & funk would be a delightful replacement.

2. manicure: boy, if celebrating your birthday is not an excuse to get a zany manicure, i don't know what is! some great tutorials here.

3. necklaces: stunning!

4. a new iphone case: i've featured society6 on the blog before, but really they have the most beautiful cases.

5. being nice: sometimes i wish that we would all be nicer to each other (and ourselves) more often...and say nice things to each other more often...and help each other out more often. it's easy to get frustrated with humanity, but it's also easy to smile at a stranger and mean it.

( 2 via pinterest // 3 // 5 )

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