leaving philly...T-11 days! rivers & fountains!

i am knee-deep in boxes...literally! it's time to focus on my move and thus take a break from the regular blog schedule. so, on each of my last 11 (!!) days i'm going to post some pictures highlighting my philly favorites...starting now! the theme today is WATER aka rivers & fountains! philly has the delaware river on the east side and the schuylkill river on the west side. fun fact: the delaware river is tidal and sometimes smells like the ocean!


  1. Awww, so much big water in Philly. Who knew? You are soon to join a land locked state. Sigh.

  2. such gorgeous photos!! you make me appreciate philly more. DON'T LEAVE!!!!!

  3. Very cool! It smells like the ocean? What a weird and interesting fact!