upon leaving philly...my last day! thank you!

dear philly:

how do i say goodbye to such a uniquely wonderful and complex place? first, i'm glad that you have seen me through some really good and some really bad times over the last 11+ years i've called you my home. second, please don't doubt that i'll miss you and the amazing people i have met here...probably when i least expect it. except the humidity, i will not miss your humidity.

this day to leave came so quickly that i didn't have a chance to do all of the things on my "philly bucket list" - but i look forward to continuing to cross them off on my (many i'm sure) upcoming visits. and don't worry, i'll always be an eagles fan.

my love, sara
since i will be mired in the moving process for the next few days, i'm going to limit my presence here to sporadic posting and will be back in regular action after labor day. thanks!!

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