friday fab/five: campfires/rivers/florence/quilts, etc.

this is a quasi-autumn fab/5...because i cannot ignore the change of season!

1. campfires: holy smokes, (pun intended) nothing beats that fall-air-mixed-with campfire smell...so many good adventurous associations!

2. florence + the machine: when you are biking into the blustery wind and you need to feel strong and fierce - nobody does it better than florence!

3. mississippi river: i forgot what a major role this powerful and majestic river plays in the topography and public consciousness of the twin cities. and since the leaves are starting to change the view is super pretty right now! some random mississippi river info found here.

4. cowls: the ultimate scarf! i love this green cowl from etsy seller warm & soft.

5. quilts: i look a quilting class once...ended up with a tiny quilt and an appreciation for folks who can think of (and have patience with) pattern and design on a larger scale. i really want to make a quilt from this book.

(images 1 // 2 // 4 // 5)

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