friday fab/five: voting/pizza/running, etc.

1. register to vote: get on this...RIGHT now! soapbox alert: people in other countries are losing their lives for the right to vote in free and fair elections. oh, and actually vote too...that's also important.

2. pizza lucé: so so so yummy and (mostly) friendly to allergy-prone people like me.

3. starting to run again: my (temporary) suburban living has thrown a wrench into my fitness routine. i joined the Y last week...but i miss running...or rather having the motivation to run! luckily i found this great list of MN races to pick from.

4. autumn: the leaves are starting to change...so pretty and crisp! and don't worry, the weather channel is all over telling you the fall foliage conditions in your area.

5. the twelve: OK, i tried to keep a lid on how excited i am about the release of this book by justin cronin...sequel to the passage. since it's coming out on october 16th i think it's fair game to start freaking out about how much i look forward to read all 595 pages!

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  1. Eating pizza luce post yoga work out. I'm glad I was hiding behind the box.