friday fab/five: women who inspire me!

1. michelle obama: who cares about the bangs...her shoulders, white house garden and out of this world smarts are what people should be talking about.

2. tina fey: tina rocks my world...she is such a funny intelligent lady, who can also dork out with the best of them. (great article about her friendship with amy poehler)

3. margaret atwood: her writing is fearless and her poems are amazing. plus she's canadian and an environmentalist.

4. frida kahlo: sadly, most of my current knowledge of frida came from reading the lacuna by barbara kingsolver. i vowed to find out more about this amazing artist ASAP.

5. my friend amy: today is the birthday of one of my oldest and dearest friends...this lady helped me pierce my ears, taught me how to steal beers from a frat party and showed me that you can laugh and cry at the exact same time. what a gift her friendship has been...HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!

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