bike accidents, bike love and roger sterling on a bike...

my beloved bianchi milano (the italian station wagon of bikes...before the accident)

so yesterday i was feeling a bit of melancholy and i thought "what makes me happy?" (beyond friends and family) and i came up with MY BIKE!

and i was thinking about the bicycle coalition of greater philadelphia event that i went to over the weekend and how i wanted to promote the great work they are doing and post some pictures of cute bikes, cute girls/boys on bikes, celebrities on bikes and a picture of my beloved bike and then...

BANG!! i get into a bike accident.

some guy opened his door on me and i went flying forward and my bike (and shoes?) remained in the middle of the road. luckily, my thighs and the front basket took the brunt of the trauma, but now i have horror movie looking bruised legs and a bruised soul for my beloved mode of transportation. luckily, there were some lovely strangers on the scene who jumped into action - this does not include the guy who "doored" me, he sat in his car the whole time. 

so, to fight back the pain, i am still going to post some pictures and urge you to (1) watch for bikers! (2) ride your bike & (3) if you are in philly, support the bicycle coalition of greater philadelphia (or the biking advocacy group of your choice!)

on to the bicycle eye candy!
adore her green kate spade designed bike and her biking outfit.
i miss you mad men!
look at that marisa tomei - hunky guy, cute tandem and rockin' some awesome pants!
how amazing is this horse/bike hybrid!!
this is from a great site called "let's go ride a bike"
click on the picture and read all about bike lovin'!
ok, back to the recuperation.

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