DIY decorating - the many uses of seam binding!

when i lived in south philly i often visited the stores on fabric row to buy shiny buttons and velvety ribbons for projects that may or may not have ever been made. it is in one of these (relic from the past) stores that i discovered a product that is just plainly AMAZING: seam binding. i think that a spool of 100 yard cost me $2.50! YES, and it lasts forever!

i actually just googled the true meaning of seam binding, which is: "a covering or reinforcement for a seam; esp : a narrow strip of fabric in plain weave used (as in garments) to strengthen seams, finish hems, or cover raw edge."

obviously, i have NEVER used it as described above, but instead my many rolls of colorful seam binding have been working hard adorning my gifts, adding another layer of texture to my sculpture class projects and helping those pesky ornaments stay on the christmas tree. so, since i just used it to create a sculptural decoration in my new apartment, i thought NOW is the time for some seam binding appreciation. 

QUICK PROJECT SYNOPSIS: i have enjoyed decorating my new place...i even got some prints and pictures professionally framed, like a real adult. but there was a large exterior wall that i was not too excited about pounding nails into...and as i stared at the blank wall the idea of a ribbon garland, strung from curtain rod to curtain rod just popped into my head. granted, i visit the philadelphia anthropologie store almost weekly, so i am sure that i saw this idea there, but it was the seam binding that made it come together in a snap. seam binding is not stiff like most ribbons, so it is easy to tie and it hangs very straight. 

here is the finished product...please ignore the craft zone it is above!

 so, the take-away is...seam binding: not just for seams! get some!

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