WEEKEND DISTRACTIONS: art, dance and stay-cation!

beautiful picture via etsy store raceytay

1. first friday = art/dance...
first friday is basically a gallery stroll in the "old city" section of philadelphia. some people love it, some people hate it. i usually have a good time when i go...free wine! people watching!

among the open galleries showing art and the various hippies/hipsters on the street selling art, there is a dance performance that i am planning to check out. it is by headlong, a dance company that i usually really like. i say usually because some of their recent pieces have not included any music or the dancing talents of the principal dances/founders of the company, which may be because they are getting older? i am old enough to be picky and say that when i watch dance, i need music playing. they are doing a couple of FREE shows tonight. if you are around, please make an effort to check them out.

2. stay-cation and watching bridesmaids (again)...
my dear friends, who live in the 'burbs, are luring me from the busy city with promises of soup, hot toddies and all things cozy.

and (hopefully) another viewing of the movie 'bridesmaids'...my fifth, her second, his first, but who is counting? to say that i LOVE this movie would be a huge understatement. it has made me rethink my improv avoidance since the star/writer kristen wiig (future girl-crush feature?) started her career doing improv in LA...for some reason improv just makes me squirm. anyway...see this movie. my mom has even seen it, you have no more excuses. 

3. under the influence - a new installation at the perelman building/philadelphia museum of art (PMA)...

Photo by Erik Gould

this weekend my budget is happy because the PMA is "pay what you wish" and i wish to see the new 490 square foot white felt moon-like sphere at the perelman building. i really also wish to touch it, but they probably won't let me do that!

what distractions do you have planned?
oh, and don't forget to set your clocks back on saturday night!
happy friday!

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  1. sounds like some seriously fun weekend plans! i HAVE to see that movie still. also, planning on checking out that felt moon this week. thanks for letting me know about it. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!