WEEKEND REVIEW: all you can eat, a HUGE moon and good friends.

ahhh...another weekend filled with distractions!

1. art/dance: i went to first friday...but the dance performance was way too crowded, so instead of trying to cram into the room, i decided to meet my friend at kraftwork, in fishtown, for a delicious, cozy supper...see soup in dim photo above.

2. stay-cation: i had a WONDERFULLY relaxing time in the 'burbs with julie and rob. julie helped me engage in some giddy retail therapy and they took me to their local "all you can eat" vegan buffet. i never thought i would be hungry again, but julie made some delicious toddies and we hunkered in for another viewing of bridesmaids. it was like a fantasy B&B: no cats and no creepy people you are forced to have awkward conversations with in the hallway. they shared some super yummy baked grapefruit for breakfast, among other things. superb!

3. art installation at the perelman/PMA: LOVED IT. it really was like a HUGE moon...glowing in a blue void. i also got some new winter coat ideas in the fashion gallery and thought the photographs of smashed TV screens where quite mesmerizing.

did you do anything fun this weekend?

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