i am sure that sufjan stevens rocks the vote...


Photo by Marzuki Stevens

ok, let's get something out of the way before i start talking about sufjan. yes, i know, he is totally sexy. that said, he is also a talented singer-songwriter, musician and (if you have had the chance to see him live) incredible showman.

i have been lucky enough to seen sufjan (and band/entourage) three times:
1. in the spring of 2004 i saw him at the knitting factory in NYC. he was playing songs from the seven swans album (which was released after his michigan album) and was not even the headliner that night. during the final song someone in the balcony released fluffy white feathers that floated down amongst us, while tears streamed from the faces of the women singing with him on stage. to say it was all totally surreal is a HUGE understatement.

2. i think it was the fall of 2006 when i saw him at the TLA in south philly. He was touring in support of the illinoise album...described as "a 22-track anthematic tone poem to The Prairie State." this time sufjan and crew dressed as cheerleaders. i seem to remember that they attempted a human pyramid on stage. it was awesome.

3. my last sufjan experience was the most spectacular. he played almost a year ago at the academy of music (a philadelphia opera house built in 1857) supporting his album, the age of adz. the concert had all the makings of a great show: glow in the dark tape, beach balls, auto-tune, animation, rhythmic gymnastics, etc. the video below sums up the concert experience perfectly...how could you not want to DANCE!

and one more video for good measure...i listen to this song when i feel sad.

OK, that is enough sufjan appreciation.
don't forget to vote today!

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