yes, the allure of yoga pants!

INSPIRATION - garance doré

this is not me or garance.

i love (photographer/illustrator) garance's blog, not just because she is french or involved in the alluring world of fashion or even because she is really funny...but rather because she writes her posts from the perspective of a successful adult woman who does not take herself too seriously. so refreshing!

this is actually garance.

her recent blog post about, as she put it: The Mysterious Allure Of The Yoga Pants, is a perfect example of garance's playful nature. she could not convince her boyfriend (a famous fashionable guy in his own right) that wearing yoga pants all day was not a cop out - AKA a fashion faux pas on her part. she tried to explain to him that in fact, she got more attention from men on the street when she wore her yoga pants as opposed to a regular outfit.

i recommend reading the whole story here to find out how he came around to the yoga pants allure. needless to say, i got some new super comfy sleek yoga pants this weekend and after wearing them yesterday - i could not agree with her more!

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