WEEKEND REVIEW: artsy bathroom, delicious pastry and indie rock boys.

it was a beautiful weekend in philly and my distractions were equally fantastic!

i really liked the charline von heyl paintings...they were energetic and textural and BIG. the show upstairs was called "blowing on a hairy shoulder/grief hunters" and the video piece by gilad ratman was both cool and icky. it involved a lot of mud. i took a picture of my notes after viewing it three times - where i wrote "totally engaging and totally gross."

they don't let you take pictures in the galleries so i took a photo of myself in the (also artsy) ladies room. my friend bri said that this is not taboo! hey, my shirt matched the stalls. hmmm...i wonder what the men's room looks like?

2. sweet freedom bakery = cinnamon buns!
YES YES YES...they had the cinnamon buns and i ate my rich delicious gooey treat quite quickly...along with a chocolate glazed doughnut and i am not going to apologize for my gluttony. in fact, i realized that i have a lot of treat-less youth to make up for!

ladies, if you are looking for a 20-year-old hipster musician, you must visit sazz warehouse on a saturday afternoon. i was practically tripping over the young faux hawked band boys left and right as they dug through the cardboard boxes for ironic sweatshirts and western-wear. i actually heard one guy mention "our photo shoot."

well, i was right to expect digging...and dig i did. although i did not find a new (used) winter coat, i did find a some funky woolen blazer type jackets. and it was a nice destination in my old 'hood: fishtown/kensington...which has certainly notched up the curb appeal.

i hope you had a fun weekend as well!


  1. Sara! Love your blog title. I guess "Five Minutes of Un-Isolation" was too freaky. Tell me more about your Minnesota Gophers sweatshirt. Don't tell me you miss Goldy the Gopher?

  2. they had a ton of MN stuff - but it was all HUGE!! yikes.