appreciation week - day 1! the schuylkill river!

i am using this last week of the year to highlight some special things that i appreciate.

today i am totally appreciating the schuylkill river! for those of you who do not live in philly it is pronounced 'skoo-cull'...say that 5 times fast.

my love for the river (and specifically the schuylkill river trail) blossomed this past summer when i was doing running/biking training for a mini-triathlon. the delaware river, which forms the eastern boundary of the city and the state, gets all the credit, but the western schuylkill is catching up! the trail is also a quick (car-free) shortcut from my apartment to 30th street station and sometimes when i am looking at the beauty of the river (while jogging) i get a feeling of euphoria and i have to stop myself from doing kung fu fighting moves!

honorable mention: MLK drive...from april to october this stretch along the river is closed to vehicular traffic until noon on the weekends...soooo nice!

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