appreciation week - day 2! the library!

i totally TOTALLY appreciate all libraries, but since my august move i have been a patron (and more recently a volunteer) at the parkway central branch - the main library of the philadelphia free library system.

during my first year in philly i was very confused about the "free library" labeling...but wikipedia helped me clear that up: "Initiated by the efforts of Dr. William Pepper, the Free Library of Philadelphia was chartered in 1891 as "a general library which shall be free to all." Pepper received initial funding for the Library through a $225,000 bequest from his wealthy uncle, George S. Pepper."

ah, so i must appreciate the role of this wealthy uncle in my current enjoyment of books/cds/dvds! and beyond books - my library (and your local library) does so so so much for the community. i can vividly remember the layout of my childhood library in west st. paul...i could literally draw you a floor map right now.

honorable mention - my current favorite books:
(i realize that none of these are from 2011...i am kinda behind the times with new releases!)

1. the passage by justin cronin - while walking down the sidewalk reading this amazing book, i stepped on a dying rat. i was wearing flip flops...it is that good.

2. extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer - and they dared to make a movie out of this astonishing book. this would be #1 if not for the rat.

3. year of magical thinking by joan didion - simply beautiful...i am not sure if my current attraction to memoirs means i am growing older or vice versa.

4. the blind assassin by margaret atwood - it is a novel within a novel within a novel...yes!

5. hunger games trilogy by suzanne collins - yes, i am firmly on the bandwagon and proud of it. and although the 2nd book is the weakest of the bunch - the entire series was totally addictive!

6. geek love by katherine dunn - a fantastical novel about a carnival family. classic.

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