appreciation week - day 3! music makes my world go 'round!

i don't have a TV, but i have 6.6 days of music in my itunes library and a healthy addiction to my pandora iphone app. AND although i have zero musical talent and questionable rhythm, listening to and appreciating music is a major part of my life every singe day. except jam bands...eww...i hate jam music. 

here are a few of my recent favorites:

feist - how come you never go there.
to me, this is the blues.

fleet foxes - the shrine/an argument.
such a good band for playing during my late night bike rides.

brett dennen - comeback kid.
this guy/song/video makes me giggle and dance around my kitchen.
although i am afraid that i look like the female version of him!

kanye west - runaway.
my friend recently said that kanye was worth the hype...
he gave me some songs & now i mostly agree.
not entirely work friendly

naked and famous - young blood.
this is on my running mix...i think it helps me shave a few seconds off my time.

josh ritter - the curse.
this is such a great story song, from an equally wonderful album.

dr. dog - shadow people.
a philly band in the house!

sharon jones and the dap-kings - let them knock. 
i saw them perform this spring and let me tell you she had that crowd wrapped around her finger.

bright eyes - one for you, one for me.
i am not really revealing too much if i were to say that
i have a crush on skinny-pale-geeky-talented-sweaty conor oberst.
so love his awkwardness in this video!

maroon 5 - moves like jagger.
seriously, try not to dance to this song. just try.

sufjan stevens - too much.
this video makes me think that i may not be that bad of a dancer after all!

ok, i could go on and on and on...but 11 songs seems fitting!

honorable mention: resolution to see more live music!

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