WEEKEND DISTRACTIONS - zooey, zen and ice

sadly, i am not on the podium with these 1981 novice freeskate champions...they all look so happy!

1. a visit to penn skating rink:
even though i grew up in minnesota and actually own a pair of ice skates (and can skate backwards) - my chances to hit the ice often boil down to a single winter experience. i may sound like a skating snob, but a groomed rink makes all the difference, which is why i am going to skip a visit to the river rink at penn's landing and instead head over to the university of pennsylvania arena. they have open skating for a whooping $7 on the weekends. time to lace up and re-enact my stars on ice routine!

holy crap - this looks amazing...not just her flexibility, but also the view!

2. restorative yoga class at wake up yoga:
my first yoga experience (in my early 20s) was BAD...really bad. i left feeling horrible and awkward. thankfully, i eventually tried it again and fell in love with this amazing way to stretch/strengthen/meditate! after all my traveling and with the holiday season in full-swing, i figured some restorative yoga was in order.
too cute or just cute enough?

3. catching up on some "new girl" episodes:
yes, i will openly admit that i am the demographic for this show. and honestly i had been avoiding it for a while...but then i actually watched a few episodes (thank you hulu) and i caught myself laughing out loud. plus, the main character jess (played by geeky-chic-super-adorable-actress-musician zooey deschanel) is kinda going through stuff that i am going through: a bad break-up, trying to feel empowered again and getting back into dating. luckily, in her fictional world, she has the help of 3 guy roommates and a super model best friend...not bad.

(image sources: skaters, yoga pose, new girl)

(ps. my skates were featured on an album cover...they look quite lovely!)

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