weekend review...AKA my shins say HELLO!

did a hulu/laundry combo this weekend...so now i have to wait a few weeks to see more "new girl" episodes. but i discovered the show "up all night" - i was laughing out loud and i don't even have kids. maya rudolph deserves an award for her performance as the zany talk show host. these are good shows to watch while your computer is sitting on the dryer and you are folding laundry. try it.

i forgot that ice skating is hard (dangerous) work! my shins were screaming REMEMBER US! WHY DON"T YOU CARE ABOUT US! they calmed down after a few trips around the arena, but they were right, i had forgotten all about them. sadly the ice was crap...not groomed as i hoped. seriously, how hard would it have been to make us all leave the rink for a few minutes to freshen it up. there were some quasi-cute-hockey guys that kept things interesting though.

hmm...wish i could figure out how to end every weekend with a restorative yoga class...we did very little (as my teacher put it) "efforting" and mostly made nests and relaxed into them for many minutes at a time. it can only be good when 4 blankets, a bolster, 2 yoga blocks and...wait for it...a scented eye pillow are involved. om shanti.

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  1. Sara! You reminded me that I need to go skating. Minnesota outdoor rinks are perfect for this wintry activity.