DIY thursday by bri! dyeing with wine!

(my friend bri graciously offered to be the guest DIY-er this week. thanks and take it away...)

For all you clumsy drunkards out there, this project is for you. 

I spilled a bit of red wine on my brand new white shirt. When it didn’t come out after multiple washes, I decided, what the heck, I’ll just dunk the whole thing in a vat o’ wine and Voila! My shirt with a wine stain is now a pretty, dusty mauve.  

Here are the steps:
1. Take your wine-stained cotton item.

2. Put on an apron, or a red shirt (or both, as I did here).

3. Get your wine – this is actually a kill two birds with one stone project because I was also able to use up this boxed wine left over from a party that nobody wanted to drink. This box had an expiration for March 2011, so it’s been sitting around gathering dust and expiring (I guess not all wine gets better with age).

4. Once you open the box, the wine is actually in a bag. Cut the bag open and put your clothing item in the wine inside of a bowl or other vessel.  

5. I let mine soak overnight. Then I boiled it for about ½ hour. Then rinsed it in cold water.

6. This is the outcome – a dusty mauve beaut.

7.  We’ll keep you posted after a wash – I’d recommend only washing with like colors until you see what happens.


(bri is not only my dear friend, but she is also a talented floral designer...visit her site berry & bloom and drool over her amazing creations!)


  1. This is such a good idea to drink and be crafty! Never would have thought to do this, great guest blog!

  2. wow, i love this guest post!!!!!!! Great luck that it is weekend, i will do this during a red wine bonanza this weekend!!

    love K