friday fab/5

five fabulous things that are currently making me stop and say...hmmm, yes.
1. i keep finding myself on the heath ceramics website: the products made by this sausalito, CA company are at the very top of my "when i am adult i will have nice things" wishlist...sadly, i think that i'm already an adult!
2. zara: i walked into the store last week and EVERYTHING was on sale...score! i believe that zara is the H&M for women over 30...said in a serious tone. i got a lovely new dress coat for cheap cheap.
3. all songs considered (podcasts on my npr app): totally addicted. see also: tiny desk concerts.
4. DIY braided bead bracelet from honestly...WTF: so fun to make...can't stop, won't stop!
5. etsy seller specimental: winter weather is hard on my hands...if only i could show them some love by decorating my fingers with this beautiful ring.

honorable mention: lana del rey pandora station...i know, she was totally strange/bad on SNL a few weeks ago, but this pandora mix is filled with spot on mid-january jams.

have a great weekend!

(swell season image source)

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  1. Hahah! I want to wear red lipstick even when I am brushing my teeth...and that's messy.