a picture & a poem: sometimes laughter is the best medicine!

instances of wasted ingenuity by dara wier
falling off a triangle.
putting two fighting fish in one bowl.
talking yourself into a headcold.
falling off a rectangle.
putting insects in ice cubes.
talking yourself out of doorways.
falling off a parallelogram.
talking into a microphone.
falling off a footstool.
putting earplugs in acorns.
looking into a teacup for trouble.
talking yourself out of breathing.
taking a nap on a drum set.
eating a peach with an air filter.
wearing a dress made of hand grenades.
talking a mudslide back up a mountain.
lighting a camp fire in a taxi stand.
launching a boat on a horse trail.
hiking in an elevator.
falling into an envelope.
discussing smuggling with customs officers.
taking a cat to a dog show.
falling in love with a toothache,
questioning your thumbprint.
looking for milk in a gas tank.
kissing hydraulic acid.
blindfolding a parking meter.
falling over a water tower.
reasoning with a baby.

(image source: sarah spurlock/pinterest)
(poem from the wonderful website poetryfoundation.org)

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