DIY thursday: on your head!

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sometimes we need a little nudge to try something new in life...something different or challenging. for me that includes breaking free from appearance ruts. for example: i caught myself wearing the same shirt to work every monday for three weeks in a row. that's pretty bad!

but i am NOT going to focus on my lack of clothing variety, but instead use this DIY thursday to highlight four great sites that are guaranteed to inspire you to try something new with the greatest accessory on your head - your HAIR. and more selfishly, this is also a public way for me to say "my bike helmet is not an excuse to under-style my hair any more!"

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ahem...obviously, we (ladies!) spend a lot of time and energy wishing for what we (think) we don't/can't have...curly/straight/short/long, etc. we should really STOP being our toughest critic and embrace/enhance/adore/flaunt what we do have!

ok, off my pedestal and on to the fun stuff:

1. the beauty department: they cover more than hair, but the step-by-step styling tutorials really are A+ and the site design makes me happy.
emma and her pixie cut.

2. hair romance: a lot of (non-cheesy) editorial styles, by which i mean "try this fashion week inspired trend at home"...as well as tutorials, celebrities and product reviews, etc.

3. i like beautiful hair: this is a tumblr site, so it is all pictures...but if you are into trying new messy braids...jackpot! and i have learned (from reading these hair blogs) that braids are SUPER in for 2012! so there.

4. i want your hair: if you have TONS of time for inspiration absorption on the edgier end of the hair styling spectrum, then this is the site for you!

any favorite beauty blogs/sites that you are drawn to?

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