friday fab/five: celebrating leap day!

this year we get an extra day! since it is a rare bunch of 24 hours, my fab/5 are mostly *fantasy* (they are fantasy because, well, leap day is on a wednesday and i have to work so i cannot make pancakes/get a massage/celebrate with kristen...maybe i will get up early and run five miles, but i probably won't...wait, i could get the popcorn though!) what do you have planned for feb 29th?

1. run a 9 minute mile! sadly, i am a slow poke and although my fastest mile is 9.14 (which i ran yesterday!) i would say my average is a little over 10 minutes. wouldn't it be great to breeze through 5 miles in 45 minutes and have some random celebrity congratulating me on my nike GPS iphone app. yes it would.

2. pancakes! it has been too long since i made some fluffy fruit pancakes. yummmmm.  

3. massage! 90 minutes because i am definitely worth it.

4. vegan popcorn at the khyber! messy and savory...gluttony in a greasy brown bag.


5. celebrate kristen wiig's sunday night academy award win! i am an SNL fan and have seen "bridesmaids" about 8 times now and i say that very proudly. kristen wiig is my idol and she deserves the oscar.

(running image source / pancake image source / massage image via molly wild via pinterest / popcorn image source / kristen image source)

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