DIY thursday: inspired by nature!

i have been spending a lot of time (too much time?) stuck inside creating on and through my computer. it was so nice this past weekend that i decided enough was enough and gave myself an art assignment...

i was to get outside ASAP and find something inspiring to draw/paint. i think you should take advantage of this glorious time of year with a similar challenge!

as far as creating your drawings/paintings...you could use just about anything: pens, colored pencils, paint, chalk, crayons. grab what you have on hand and shove it all into a little bag without thinking too hard about it. i am lucky enough to have this little travel-sized watercolor set.

(as an aside: one way to make this process easier is to let go of perfection. YOU are your own worst critic and i think that society often perpetuates this idea of "perfect art." yes, the art we see in galleries and museums can be breathtakingly amazing. but guess what? we are seeing the finished product...not the discarded drafts or initial sketches. for me, if i spend too much time thinking about perfection the creation process is no longer enjoyable.)

because i wanted to keep from being caught-up (slowed-down) by perfection, i decided to focus on making gesture drawings...fast sketches of what i "see" in general...leaving out all of the complex details.

above are some examples of what i drew and what i saw.

after doing a few quick gesture drawings along the river, i set-up shop by a railroad bridge in fairmount park that i think is especially pretty. luckily there was a goose-poop free ledge for me to sit on!

i did a few more studied gestures and then i painted some of them. are they especially good? not really. did i have fun sitting there doing them? MOST DEFINITELY. am i going to do this again soon? YES!

i did take a portion of one and made it into a note card to send my aunt in minnesota!

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