DIY thursday: living wall art!

join my pal bri (the amazing floral designer from berry & bloom) in making an awesome piece of living wall art!

take it away bri...

Start with a piece of driftwood or any other wood will do. This amazing specimen is from the beaches of Alaska and resembles a horn already. I’ve had this hanging around my house for years and always wanted to use it for something. This was its destiny.

I got this little 4 inch potted staghorn fern at my local, independent nursery, Primex, but you can get them mail order too.

Drill a hole in your mount so that you can hang a hook on the wall. I’m not too handy, but I can operate a drill (as long as the batteries are charged).

Extract the fern from the pot. These plants are natural epiphytes (or air plants) so we are going to ditch the soil and get this little guy to use its tentacles.

I used florist’s bind wire to attach my fern to the driftwood, but you can also use fishing line or maybe even twine. The fern will eventually overgrow whatever attachment medium you use, so don’t worry too much about the aesthetic of this.

Bind wire close up.

Here I’m just wrapping it up.

There you go. It’s that easy. This project took me about 10-15 minutes.

Just because they don’t need soil to survive, doesn’t mean they don’t need water. Thoroughly soak your staghorn every week or so and then hang it back up.

Now I’m rocking a cool living piece of art on my wall. You can do it too. 

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