friday fab/5: actually distracting!

1. i am visiting the van gogh exhibit this afternoon: a little explanation from the PMA site: "Through some 40 masterpieces borrowed from collections around the world, Van Gogh Up Close is the first exhibition to explore the reasons and means by which this impassioned artist made such unusual changes to his painting style in the final years of his life." sounds good to me...very much looking forward to getting cozy with vincent.

2. those freaking gillette commercials: i am but a single defenseless gal and when i am on the gym treadmill i cannot escape from the man-candy on this commercial. the plain truth is...andre 3000, adrein brody and gael garcia bernal can head over to my place anytime - beard, no beard...don't care.

3. drive movie soundtrack: this music makes me feel fearless...and gets me to pedal faster late at night.

4. dark chocolate: with a bit of mint is my favorite, but really, i am not too picky at long as it is dark dark. good thing it is good for my heart!

5. madewell: it was 70 degrees yesterday, so how could i not be daydreaming about spring...especially since we never really had winter in philly! not sure my pale skin is ready yet though.

have a great weekend!

(#1 image, #2 image, #5 image via carol mcdermott on pinterest)

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