DIY thursday - springtime spaceship!

i have such an affinity towards mobiles, and how they can slowly twirl in space, so i decided to create a little sparkly springtime mobile to spruce up my petite bathroom!

this DIY is a send-up to the AMAZING stuff created by the folks at confetti system - with the basic how-to for this piece from the delightful blog a little glass box.

what i used:
- cardboard
- scrap paper
- hot glue gun
- ribbon or twine
- spray paint
- glitter

make a template and then cut 6 triangles out of cardboard...i wish that i would have made my triangles a little taller and pointier...but you live and learn.

using my trusty hot glue gun - i glued three pieces together to form a pyramid, then repeated with the other three. these two pyramids will form the top and bottom of my "spaceship."

before i glued the pyramids together i needed to add the piece of ribbon that will help me hang it up so it will properly float through space. i pried back some glue and created a small hole to stick the ribbon through and knotted it on the inside. easy peasy.

now i was ready to glue the pyramids together and then i added some tape for stability.

i dove into my endless supply of scrap paper and came up some lovely pages from gardening magazines. i cut them into strips and then clipped the strips using zigzag pinking shears. FYI - prepping the paper took the longest time in this brief project.

then i just started gluing the pieces of paper on my triangular form. no perfection needed. once it was completely covered, i trimmed up the edges so the undersides of the paper would not show.

for the final step i took out a can of vibrant raspberry colored spray paint and gave it a light dusting...i thought it looked like an emerging flower bud. i then gave it a quick coat of workable fixative to help adhere the glitter and PRESTO: a springtime spaceship!

it is now sparkling away in my little bathroom. i am hoping the humidity will further ruffle and curl the paper.

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