friday fab/five: energy!

1. first aid kit: heading to union transfer on saturday night to see these amazing swedish ladies perform live. VERY excited.  

2. assorted vitamin water zero: so, i am training for this race in a few months and i realized that i am probably doing myself a disservice by not really preparing my body for an hour of running at a time and thus decided to jump on the electrolyte bandwagon. am i exactly sure that this product is doing anything? not really...but it definitely tastes refreshing!

3. lunchtime yoga: my job is gracious enough to subsidize a weekly yoga class and although i sometime have to drag myself away from my desk - i am always happy that i do! and reading this book by claire dederer last year was a great way for me to learn more about the practice/history of yoga.

4. green tea: we've all heard about the benefits of green tea and i wanted to add a cup to my daily routine so i put a "tea reminder" alarm on my iphone...and guess what? i now drink tea everyday before the alarm even goes off! habits! word! (this mug is from the awesome etsy seller lennymud)

5. rosemary essential oil: too much computer time dulls my brain and nothing revives me like some rosemary essential oil rubbed on my temples. and don't worry, if you try this yourself you will not smell like an italian restaurant.

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  1. Incredible time! First Aid Kit truly rocks out. Shiny hair, amazing dresses, and voices from the enchanted forest of Sweden. YES!