books i read last month

obviously, with all of my attention and energy set on my move, reading was put on the way way way back-burner in august. that said, i did manage to read 3 books...probably my most eclectic month of reading so far!

1. the believers by zoe heller
this book is about a family that disintegrates when the VERY strong patriarch has a stroke and falls into a coma. i really liked the beginning - the section explaining how the mother and father met - and a little bit about their life in NYC before the father gets sick. but then (it seemed all at once) all the family members became extremely unlikable. the mother was a bully and their adult children could not figure out how to get along without their father's strong force both guiding and/or berating them. I finished it...but wanted more from the characters or rather i wanted them to just be better people.

2. my darling melissa by linda lael miller
yes, this is a cheesy romance novel! i got it at the "leave a book/take a book" swap shelf at our campground in ohio during the drive to MN. i tried to pick the novel with the cheesiest looking cover. basically, the main characters in this book are horrible communicators who have a lot of passion. i started it and finished it in one day...so if you have a 12 hour drive through the midwest, then this is the book for you!

3. johnny cash the biography by michael streissguth
if you saw the recent johnny cash movie, this book was kinda a repeat of the high-low lights acted out by joaquin and reese...but with tons more info about the man and the legend. also, i learned that being an amphetamine addict makes you a bad parent and a bad friend. this is a good book if you want to share obscure johnny cash facts with strangers at a party.

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