friday fab/5: food-on-a-stick/renaissance/miike snow, etc.

1. food-on-a-stick: seriously, eating food this way is kinda amazing...what doesn't fit on a stick? check out this blog for more ways to get this phenomenon into your life.

2. MN renaissance festival: wow, what a great people watching venue. i will be working at the ren fest through the rest of the month...dressed in my finest puffy shirt.

3. cooler temps: i'm so looking forward to the 48 degree low projected for the twin cities tonight...SWEATER WEATHER!

4. miike snow: i have been listening to one song over and over and over again...animal by swedish band miike snow. it's and oldie but a goodie.

5. my mom's garden: not only am i eating fresh herbs and raspberries, but i also get to experience the unpredictable majesty of home-grown veggies!

(madewell sweater // miike snow)

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  1. Mad props to Minne. Good work, Sara!