challenge update...THE WENDY!

what a fun and exhausting day working on the next part of the january challenge from wendy - THE VIDEO SHOOT! luckily, i finished the outfit last night - pictured above pre-spray paint. onto the dress i picked up at the thrift store (which was my base): i added strips of old catalogs in three layers, fabric from a quilting class i took in 2005, seam binding, plastic from tofu containers and some of my own blood since i was kinda hand-sewing blind for the most part. 

thank goodness that the dress still fit when i put it on! and i'm wearing leg warmers that wendy just sent me in the mail...synchronicity. what a challenge this was...totally out of my comfort zone. but oh boy, i learned from this experience that if you want attention all you need to do is wear a costume. really. and that i love to ice skate, especially on warm sunny days! here are some of my favorite outtakes. i plan on having the video edited and up soon. 

free skate rental anyone??

(a HUGE thank you to my friend/videographer heather...i could not have done this without you!!)

a much needed (post) video shoot beer. sigh.


  1. you are AMAZING!! the photos are wonderful. wish i could see you perform live. love you girl!

  2. Heather, great job with the photos and helping sara with the whole thing! you are such a great friend! :)

    1. Wendy, thank you! we had such a blast. Still laughing when I think of the silly antics. I'm sure there's more to come.

    2. silly antics! perfect way to describe what happened!