OCCY 2015...a january challenge from wendy!

JANUARY! my first challenge is from my friend wendy...pictured above looking all sassy. she lives in philly, has two sweet adventurous boys and gives great hugs. i miss her...obviously.

what a fun challenge - especially since going dancing with wendy is one of my favorite things to do - but i asked her if i could change the dancing to ice dancing (AKA spastic figure skating sara style)...since it's january in minnesota and i need an excuse to go outside. wendy was totally game, so i'm gonna make an ice dancing dress (and maybe headdress) and hit some local lakes. should be interesting. 

i found the base for my recycled dress at a thrift store near my apartment - arc's value village. i'll admit i got it in the children's department, but i liked that it already looked figure skatery!

so far, other than getting the base layer of my dress, i've gathered a bunch of fabric and paper scraps. next step: start making this freaking thing and finding the right song for my spastic moves! yes!

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